Custom Covers

Bad minus drums
Bad minus guitar
Bad minus bass
Bad minus keys
Bad minus melody
Count On Me
Count On Me minus drums
Count On Me minus guitar
Count On Me minus bass
Count On Me minus melody
Thinking Out Loud
Thinking Out Loud minus drums
Thinking Out Loud minus guitar
Thinking Out Loud minus bass
Thinking Out Loud minus melody
Long Train Running
Long Train Running minus drums
Long Train Running minus guitar
Long Train Running minus bass
Long Train Running minus melody

We will record any song from scratch and perform each track with the PAT All Star musicians

Can afford the time or expense to record a track for an audition? We'll do it for you. 

Chat with an agent to get more details about what we can do and how long it will take.  

We can provide individual tracks of each recording if you would like to mix, edit and create your own custom cover. 

within a week I had my dream recording of my own composition perfectly arranged and recorded. I use PAT tracks for both gigs, social media and YouTube videos.  Thanks PlayAlongTunes.  

Janet Wolf

Singer / Songwriter - Nashville

Send us a quick email and we will get you a complete quote. 

Not sure of what it would cost to record the track of your choice? Send us an email and let us do the leg work.  

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