Interwoven Rhythms – Dialogue minus drums – Play Along Tunes (FKA PlayAlongJazz)

Interwoven Rhythms – Dialogue minus drums

From the Steve Smith and Vital Information recording Vitalization, this is the track Interwoven Rhythms – Dialogue.  This track features Tom Coster on keyboards, bassist Baron Browne and Vinny Valentino on guitar.  Special guest Pete Lockett on percussion.

On the atmospheric “Interwoven Rhythms – Dialogue” we hear Smith’s doubled konnakol vocal on the left and right sides, while Lockett’s improvisations are heard in the middle. They exchange phrases for the entire composition only joining together in unison near the end of the piece. This all happens over a ethereal and pulsing groove that is propelled by Baron’s fretless bass and Smith’ s new Tala Wands on a sizzling Zildjian Flat Ride.