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Russ Miller’s Arrival CD

Russ Miller’s Arrival CD as it was recorded. 80 Minutes of music. 19 tracks in all. This package will save you $25.82 or 20% compared to buying the tracks separately.

“Arrival”, the featured 80-minute audio CD, is Miller’s third independent record project and features ten new compositions performed by an all-star line-up of musicians, including world-class percussionists Pete LockettLuis Conte and Richie Gajate Garcia. Interspersed with these ensemble performances are nine “Rhythmic Conversations”- original drum duets between Russ and modern drum heroes Steve GaddSteve SmithJeff HamiltonRick MarottaZoro,Johnny RabbJohn “JR” RobinsonAkira Jimbo and Wolfgang Haffner.

{audio}samples/Arrival CD Montage.mp3{/audio}

01 Mosquito Bite.mp3
02 Rhythmic Conversation-Russ Miller_Steve Smith_ Pete Lockett.mp3
03 Arrival.mp3
04 Rhythmic Conversation-Russ Miller_John _JR_ Robinson.mp3
05 Fine Line.mp3
06 Rhythmic Conversation-Russ Miller_Johnny Rabb.mp3
07 Toast For Eli.mp3
08 Rhythmic Conversation-Russ Miller_Zoro.mp3
09 Stuffed.mp3
10 Rhythmic Conversation-Russ Miller_Jeff Hamilton.mp3
11 RSVP.mp3
12 Rhythmic Conversation-Russ Miller_Rick Marotta.mp3
13 The Last December.mp3
14 Rhythmic Conversation-Russ Miller_Steve Gadd.mp3
15 Niteroi Waits.mp3
16 Rhythmic Conversation-Russ Miller_Akira Jimbo.mp3
17 Evalc 2_3.mp3
18 Rhythmic Conversation-Russ Miller_Wolfgang Haffner.mp3
19 Rhythm World.mp3