Russ Miller’s Arrival CD minus drums – Play Along Tunes (FKA PlayAlongJazz)

Russ Miller’s Arrival CD minus drums

this audio sample contains clips of all tracks for this download. Russ Miller’s Arrival CD as it was recorded plus the play along tracks minus the drums and 5 of the associated charts. This package will save you $43.76 or 25% compared to buying the tracks separately.

“Arrival”, the featured 80-minute audio CD, is Miller’s third independent record project and features ten new compositions performed by an all-star line-up of musicians, including world-class percussionists Pete LockettLuis Conte and Richie Gajate Garcia. Interspersed with these ensemble performances are nine “Rhythmic Conversations”- original drum duets between Russ and modern drum heroes Steve GaddSteve SmithJeff HamiltonRick MarottaZoro, Johnny RabbJohn “JR” RobinsonAkira Jimbo and Wolfgang Haffner.

1. ToastForEli_Play Along.mp3
2. Arrival_Play Along.mp3
3. Evalc2_3_Play Along.mp3
4. FineLine_Play Along.mp3
5. MosquitoBite_Play Along.mp3
6. NiteroiWaits _Play Along.mp3
7. RhythmWorld_Play Along.mp3
8. RSVP_Play Along.mp3
9. Stuffed_Play Along.mp3
10. TheLastDecember_Play Along.mp3
11. The Last December.mp3
12. Niteroi Waits.mp3
13. Evalc 2_3.mp3
14. Rhythm World.mp3
15. Mosquito Bite.mp3
16. Arrival.mp3
17. Fine Line.mp3
18. Toast For Eli.mp3
19. Stuffed.mp3
20. RSVP.mp3
21. RSVP MR.pdf
22. Arrival MR.pdf
23. Niteroi Waits MR.pdf
24. Stuffed MR.pdf
25. Toast For Eli MR.pdf