The Bottom Line minus drums – Play Along Tunes (FKA PlayAlongJazz)

The Bottom Line minus drums

From the Steve Smith and Vital Information recording Vitalization, this is the track The Bottom Line.  This track features Tom Coster on keyboards, bassist Baron Browne and Vinny Valentino on guitar.  Featuring Bill Evans on sax.

The title for Vinny’s up-tempo blues “The Bottom Line” has a dual meaning. It is a remembrance of the famous and departed New York City club that the band always loved playing, while the tune itself is framed perfectly by the bottom line bass orchestrations of Baron Browne. This is some of Smith’s most swinging drumming to date and it inspires the rest of the band to do just the same.

Pay close attention to Valentino’s Grant Green inspired half time entrance to his guitar solo. Smith and his new associate show a wonderful telepathy throughout Vinny’s well structured and swinging offering.