The Closer minus drums – Play Along Tunes (FKA PlayAlongJazz)

The Closer minus drums

From the Steve Smith and Vital Information recording Vitalization, this is the track The Closer.  This track features Tom Coster on keyboards, bassist Baron Browne and Vinny Valentino on guitar.

“The Closer” is a fusion tour de force. The band usually writes a larger than life set closer for every recording and there is no doubt that this one provides the fireworks that Vital Information is known for.
This moniker is defined by Vinny and Tom’s searing exchanges, Baron’s virtuosic solo and Steve and Vinny’s blazing duet. “The Closer” is in fact a three-part suite that starts in a swinging jazz-rock mode, moves into a fusion middle section, recapitulates part one with even more energy and culminates – in classic Vital Info style – with a blistering drum solo over a vamp.