Viewpoint minus drums – Play Along Tunes (FKA PlayAlongJazz)

Viewpoint minus drums

All seven Viewpoint tracks minus drums. With this package you save $4.94 or 10% compared to buying the tracks individually.

Steve Smith and Vital Information NYC Edition is the combination of three of Steve Smith’s touring and recording bands known as Buddy’s Buddies, Jazz Legacy and Vital Information. Viewpoint features a variety of musical styles these groups have performed as well as members from each of the bands.

The band features Steve Smith, Baron Browne on bass, Andy Fusco on alto saxophone, Mark Soskin on piano and Fender Rhodes, Vinny Valentino on guitar and special guest Walt Weiskopf on tenor sax. The PAJ version of this CD features 7 of the ensemble tracks including:

Bemsha Swing minus drums

Chan’s Song minus drums

Oleo minus drums

Take Five minus drums

The Brush Off minus drums

Time Check minus drums

Willowcrest minus drums