Press Release – Play Along Tunes (FKA PlayAlongJazz)

Press Release

George Benson and Play Along Jazz

Play with legendary guitarist George Benson on classic hits, Affirmation, Breezin and This Masquerade at New recordings, arrangements, solos and tempos.  

The new recordings of these songs are arranged by Vinny Valentino and recorded by Play Along Jazz’s all star musicians including drummer Joel Rosenblatt, bassist Chris Tarry, guitarist Vinny Valentino and pianist Matt King. 

Each of these songs has been recorded exclusively for and are available as a digital download. You can choose from a variety of products including the individual tracks as well as packages that have the tracks as they were recorded.

There are packages for drummers, bassists, guitarists and keyboard players so you can add your instrument to the band and actually play along with George Benson and these other exceptional players.

There are also packages for the George Benson fan who wants to hear the songs “as recorded”, with fresh new solos and arrangements: contemporary companions to the hits from yesteryear.  

George Benson’s playing is phenomenal on these tracks but don’t take our word for it, come to the site and have a listen: logo